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La Bodega Gourmet


is a small piece  of Spain located in Bee Cave. Owned and managed by Chef Eric Paz, we offer a different culinary experience bringing to the area an exotic taste of Paella,  imported cheeses,  wines from Spain, Portugal & Argentina, we also carry our own brand of organic coffee from Colombia, Guatemala & Mexico, infused oils, jellys and a rare selection of spanish food, including cookware to make traditional Paella.

We have a great dinner and Tapas take out menu and we cook Paella every day for you to enjoy with family and friends.

About The Chef

Eric Paz




Originally born in Panama, with Spanish blood and an incredible enthusiasm for rice and cooking.

Chef Eric has more than 27 years experience making traditional Paella.

A private chef and entrepreneur, Chef Eric lives in Austin, Texas, "La meca de la buen comida", and is the three-time winner of Austin's Paella Cook off with his team "Los Piratas del Sabor" in 2008,2009 & 2012.

As a devoted chef he has experience developing new recipes, several products and a food writer & critic.

“The Creator of Paella Mix, the most revolutionary and authentic spanish rice making the process to cook Paella easy and fun every time”.

Weekly Take Out

November 30th - December 4th

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11500 Bee Cave rd. Austin TX 78738

Monday - Friday 10am - 7p For Take Out

Saturday 10:30am - 5pm

Sunday close

Try our coffee every morning served bread  & store made honey-butter

Order your dinner today online or call 512-263-8844 and have it ready for the next day of the week!!

Pick up your order after 4:30pm everyday!

“Take 15% off of wine  & beer when you buy  cheese on Saturdays” Now you get cheese trays starting $10 any day! 

Monday, 11-30th

Cannelloni Catalan Style 
(Spanish, Stuffed Rolled Pasta W/ground Pork, Chicken & Beef, Rolled in pasta & Baked w/cream & Spanish Grated Cheese, Family Classic).

Chicken & Chorizo Paella

Tuesday,  12-1st,

Pork Ribs Argentinian Style 
( Slowly Roasted Pork Ribs with Fresh Herbs Served with Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, 2 Orders Minimun)

Paella Montañeza 
(pork, mushrooms & Sausage)

Wednesday,  12-2nd,

Basque Cornish Hens 
(Spanish, Roasted Hens with White Wine, Garlic & Olive)

Paella Valenciana
 (shrimp, pork & chicken)

Thursday, 12-3rd,

Lamb Chops with Fried Garlic
(Spanish Style Roasted Lamb with Garlic, comes with Mashed Potatoes, 2 Orders Minimun)

Paella Montañeza 
(pork, mushrooms & sausage)

Friday,   12-4th,

Black Rice ( Paella Negra, squid Ink & Calamari)

black rice

Paella Marinera (Shrimp & Clams)

Dinner $12.50 p/person Paella $ 15 p/person

Now Serving Paella & Sandwiches Every Day at Lunch 12 - 2:30PM

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Holidays Menu

Celebrate the Holidays with style

For private or corporate events.

Holidays menu $25 per person, 4 min.

roates turkey

Roasted Turkey Breast
Beautiful & juicy breast of Turkey made with our house base herbs rub, slowly roasted & served with caramelized onion glaze!

Lechon Asado

Lechon Asado
A holidays classic, slowly roasted pork with herbs & spices

lamb chops

Lamb Chops
With house pimentoginger glaze. Extraordinary rack of lamb cooked to perfection with spices & out house Pimentoginger glaze

Holidays paella

Holidays Paella
A traditional paella made with pork, artisanal Turkey sausage & Mussels, simple extraordinary includes salad & catalan bread.

*Each dish comes with choice of the following sides:

Saffron rice or Roasted Garlic Mashed potatoes

Roasted sweet potato casserole, with brown sugar & butter

Oysters & chorizo stuffing, prepared with bread, cherries & spinach or classic bread stuffing with herbs

Green salad with grilled radicchio & nuts with vanilla vinaigrette

Cataln Garlic Bread